Completed: September 2007
Hours Spent: 25
Total Cost: $175
Worn to: Nan Desu Kan 2007, Nan Desu kan 2009
Awards: Sadly, none

Why I decided to make this costume: Well, I aboslutely love Zexion! Ever since I first saw him in chain of memories I have fallen in love with his character. I did some research on the game (I never actually played chain of memories haha) and was fascinated. I was originally planning an Axel, but Zexion popped in after ^^;

Construction notes: Well I wouldn't technically call this a cosplay since I pretty much just bought cloak off ebay. But aside from the cloak, the Lexicon (book) was rather easy to make. My art teacher has an extensive collection of old books that she uses for art purposes. I grabbed one and painted it entirely black with acyrlic paint. After painting it entirely black with 2 or 3 coats, I grabbed some silver acrylic paint and added the designs I saw on some screencaps. I photoshopped the nobodie insignia from a small version to a large version and printed it out as a stencil. The wig was the most difficult thing by far of this cosplay. I bought a wig off ebay and some hair supplies (gels, hairspray, etc) and my crew and I got to work. We first had to cut it to a reasonable length for his hair, then we styled it out with the gell and mouse. One would hold the hair in place while another would blowdry it until it stayed. We used extremely powerful gels that still hold the thing together today! Although I am still not happy with it and plan on remaking the wig, I thought it was pretty good for a first cosplay!

Extra thoughts: The wigs were INSANE to do last minute. I highly suggest you do not wait until the last minute to do wigs. We were up until 2 am the night before the con started, and we woke up at 8 am to get finished and we STILL weren't done until around 4:30. It sucked being late to the con but we immediantly got attention and we had a 5 min long photo session of just our group! (Within 20 seconds of us walking in lol).


Zexion Version 1.0

Zexion Version 2.0


Here are some videos that people took of me in the costume, perhaps you've seen them?