School Boy Kaya

Completed: August 2009
Hours Spent: 20
Estimated Cost: $155
Actual Cost: $92
Worn to: Nan Desu Kan 2009
Awards: 1st place Cosplay presentation @ NDK 2009
Guest Judges Award "Enery/ Time and Effort" @ Nan Desu Kan 2009

Why I decided to make this costume: I've had a ridiculous obsession with Kaya since my friend first introduced mne to Schwarz Stein in 2005-2006 ish. I have followed him ever since. When I first saw the cover to the limited edition re-release of his Glitter album, I instantly fell in love with his school boy outfit (mainly because it's the first time I have ever seen him, NOT in a dress). I decided to cosplay it as my first Kaya cosplay because.... it's just adorable!

Construction notes: Unlike my Zexion costume, less than 10 percent of this costume wasn't made by me. The vest, hat, and pants were completely made and sewn by me. But the boots and the long sleeve white shirt were not. I think the easiest item to make was the hat by FAR. Sarah had a pattern for her old Shiki hat so we used that and modified it alot. She used a foam core for the visor to her hat, while I used the actual base of another hat (It was like... a 2 dollar hat from Jo-annes haha), so we cut the visor off the original hat, sewed the plaid fabric over it, then attached it to the hat by hand stitching it. The only problem with the hat was the fact that we could not find a pin striped black fabric to use (Since he has some panels that were pin striped).

The pants were also easy to make as long as we had a pattern. The main issue for us was lining the fabric up so that the pattern on the plaid fabric would match up. Unfortauntely, it was as hard as it looks and the pattern doesn't match up on some parts of it. The pattern that we bought was supposed to make a normal pant, so we obviously had to modify it because Kaya does not wear pants. We made the pants like they said and we did the rest by ourselves. We cut the bottom of the pants off so they were a little below the knee, and we used the fabric we just cut off to make the cuffs on the bottom of his pants. We sewed in the zipper and WALAH the pants were done.

The absolute hardest thing was the vest. It was the first time Sarah or I had ever made a vest and let me tell you, it's the hardest thing in the world if you have no idea what you are doing. So... we didn't have a pattern and we really didn't want to buy one, so we improvised. Sarah's mom searched through her pile of old clothes and found an old vest that she used to wear when she was working at a toy store. She said we could cut it up and so thats exactly what we did. We took it apart and made our own pattern, we pinned it to the plaid fabric and started cutting. We did the two front panels in plaid. then we had bought a satin type fabric for the back. We also decided to try using a liner for the first time, so we also had to spend time cutting that out. After sewing for about 5 hours, we discovered that we had accidently sewn the sleeve holes, and when we tried to turn it inside out, we had made a never ending vortex of fabric. So... we used Sarah's seam ripper and spent the next hour ripping the seams so we could turn it inside out. Once we did, we sewed the sleeves again and finished it off by doing the bottom. Out of a total of about 20 hours, the vest probably took up 10 of it. It was RIDICULOUS. But, it turned out really nice and I'm really proud of everything!

Extra thoughts: Although I do say "we" alot in the construction notes, Sarah helped me by telling me what to do, so the sewing was all done by me (With a few minutes of help from her and her mom) since she had her own costume to make. This costume was actually a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be since I was expecting something like $150 to $175. The plaid fabric...... gave me nightmares. I looked EVERYWHERE for it, Denver Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Jo-annes, Hobby Lobby, and I scowered the interwebs to find this damn fabric (or even something close). Then... a kind soul on sent me in the right direction and I found something very VERY close. But then I tried to order it and they were sold out. But there was another one on the site she sent me that was not as close but good enough for me. I bought 3 yards of it and hoped that would be enough to cover the pants and the vest.


In progress pics:

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