Planned Costumes:

Character: Zell Dincht
From: Final Fantasy VIII
Reason: My friends and I are doing a Final Fantasy VIII group for Nan Desu kan 2010 and they said I would make a perfect Zell. I kinda agree :D
Debut: Unknown
Character: Endrance
Series: .HACK GU
Reason: My friends and I have been planning a .HACK GU Cosplay since 2007 and I guess we really just haven't had the money or time for it. They chose me to be Endrance because he's so obviously flamboyantly gay just like me!
Debut: Nan Desu Kan 2011
Character: Squall leonhart
From: Kingdom Hearts II
Reason: I adore Leon! Ever since I first saw him in the first Kingdom Hearts game (I never played Final Fantasy VIII before I played KHII), I knew that I wanted to Cosplay him! In my opinion, I like the Jacket in Kingdom Hearts II a lot better, hence why I chose it!
Debut: Unknown
Character: Kadaj
Series: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Reason: Kadaj is one of my all time favorite Final Fantasy Villains, he is just SO bad ass! I also really like his double bladed sword, I would think this would be a quick costume, so maybe it'll come quicker than others.
Debut: Unknown
Character: Teru (Princess)
Series: Jrock Band: Versailles ~PQ~
Reason: I've always loved Teru. I plan on doing 3 costumes of his, but until I find out just how difficult they are going to be I will not post them here haha. Versailles is one of my favorite bands, and he is my favorite band member! &hearts
Debut: Unknown
Character: Zhang He
Series: Dynasty Warriors 6
Reason: Back when I first started playing Dynasty Warriors 4, I found myself using Zhang he alot mainly because I really like his weapons. Although he doesn't have them in this version of DW6, I think this weapon is just AMAZING. Plus.... he wears heels. Another flamboyant character added to my list!
Debut: Unknown
Character: Albel nox
Series: Star Ocean 3: Till the end of time
Reason: I adore this game <3 Star ocean 3 has an amazing plotline and I found myself in front of the TV for hours at a time trying to find out more. Albel Nox was just a bad ass and I love bad asses. Definitely excited for this one!
Debut: Unknown
Character: Prince Poppycock
Series: Americas Got Talent 2010
Reason: I'm absolutely obsessed with his performance of Yankee Doodle Dandee and I've been an avid follower ever since I first saw him on AGT. His voice is angelic, and his makeup skills are phenominal. I can't wait to pull this one out :)
Debut: Unknown
Character: Kuja
Series: Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Reason: My friend cosplayed Kuja a while ago, and I noticed I really liked the outfit from when I was making his Cosplay website. When i saw the semi-new design of Kuja in Dissidia, I knew I wanted to do it!
Debut: Unknown