Shou Minamimoto

Completed: September 2009
Hours Spent: 1
Total Cost: $40
Worn to: Nan Desu kan 2009
Awards: None

Why I decided to make this costume: My friends Sarah and Tobie wanted to cosplay people from The world ends with you and wanted a third person in their party, so I decided to tag along as Shou. He was a villain, and kinda kick ass, so I did it!

Construction notes: To be 100% honest, this was a crap costume. We were struggling for time so everything was bought. EVERYTHING. I did absolutely no sewing xD I found the boots and pants at Savers for 20 bucks, and the Jackt a friend had given me and seemed to fit in for Shou. The hat I found on ebay, and the banada was a dollar at Jo-annes.

Extra thoughts: Originally, we were supposed to make a Jacket from scratch, but since we had no time, we settled for using my Jacket - rolled up the sleeves too - instead. I do want to actually make this costume again but this time I think I wanna have the yellow contacts, and actually make the jacket. For now, this costume is retired and probably will be for a while so I can make other costumes.


Shou Version 1.0