Ruki: Filth in the beauty

Estimated date of completion: 2010
Apx Cost: $250+
Will debut at: Unknown
Progress: 75%

Why I decided to make this costume: Haha. the GazettE is probably my favorite Japanese rock band (And been since 2005!) and when this song came out in october 2006, I Loved the song. Then a few weeks later I saw the PV and was completely mezmerized by his dreadlocks, the awesome, AWESOME costume design I knew I had to cosplay. It's taken me a while, but I'll get it done eventually!

[ Materials Checklist: ]

Materials Checklist
[x] Multi-colored dread locks
[_] Pink and Yellow eye contacts
[x] Black Wife-beater tanktop
[_] Studs for Jacket
[_] Leopard Print fabric
[_] Black Fabric (Unknown)
[x] Black pants
[_] Black and white creepers

[ Progress Journal: ]