Anime Wasabi
March 4th - 6th
@ Red Lion hotel // Denver, Colorado
(Dancers only)

Anime Expo
July 1st - 4th
@ Los Angeles Convention Center // Los Angeles, California
(Matthew only)

Nan Desu Kan
September 10th - 12th
@ Los Angeles Convention Center // Los Angeles, California

Who is Kaya?

Kaya is a Japanese musician who began his carreer in the band Meties and ISOLA. After meeting Hora at a Velvet Eden concert, the two formed the well known electronic dark wave group Schwarz Stein. Since beginning his solo carreer in 2006, he has been dominating pop charts in Japan. Kaya and Hora often still work together (Hora wrote a couple of songs for his debut album), and even relased a collaboration CD under the name of Another Cell.

Kaya's music still features the electronic sounds seen in Schwarz Stein with a more upbeat rhythm. He is famous for his androgynous appearance, elegant costumes, and phenominal voice.

Who is Project Kaya?

Project Kaya is a dedicated Cosplay performance group heavily influenced by Kaya. We spend our time learning his intricate dances seen at his live performances and PV's. Matthew, cosplays the Vocal Queen himself, and has the biggest role of them all. Not only is he dedicated to making accurate costumes and applying flawless make-up, he spends the majority of his time towards Project Kaya. It is our hope and dream one day to perform a whole set at an Anime Convention as a guest. With support from our fans, I'm sure it's a goal not impossible to reach!