Anime Expo
July 1st - 4th
@ Los Angeles Convention Center // Los Angeles, California
(Matthew only)

Nan Desu Kan
September 10th - 12th
@ Marriot Tech Center // Denver, Colorado

November 12th - 14th
@ Hyatt Crystal City // Arlington, Virginia


If this is your first visit to the website, we welcome you to take a gander! Project Kaya is a cosplay performance group who has high hopes to see the countries best anime conventions. Currently, we only do performances in Denver, Colorado, but are eager to perform as a group in other states as well.

-- Matthew Valdez (Kaya)


April 17th, 2010 :: 9:15pm

    Hello everyone! Long time no update! I've been working on costumes and preparing for Anime Expo which is in like, a little over two months! Salon de chocolat Kaya is coming along slowly since I have to balance that and homework and school etc, but that and my Teru costume (Which you can see at my regular cosplay website) are so close to being done. Anyway, I've made many plans since I've updated last, most importantly are my next two Kaya costumes that will COMPLETED this year. They are Node of Scherzo Kaya (The white wedding dress, not the one from the PV) and his outfit from "Current" from when he was in Schwarz Stein, both for AnimeUSA 2010. For those who know of PK, please see at at Anime Expo very soon!!

February 25th, 2010 :: 6:30pm
    So Project Kaya finally has an official website. Now things will be MUCH easier to update and provide you all with information on us. As the site is new, not everything is up and working yet. But give us time, and things will be up and running in no time! Look forward to Matthew's solo performance at Anime Expo this year during the pop shock masquerade! Also stay tuned for other news as it comes~